Town of Patterson Recreation & Parks
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General Terms of Participation

By participating in any camp, activity, program or event you are agreeing to these rules and terms:
All participants/campers are required to:
  1. Stay within their group/activity/recreation space at all times unless directed otherwise by Recreation/camp staff.
  2. Respect all Recreation/camp staff members as well as other participants. This includes following all rules and directions given by Recreation/camp staff.
  3. Refrain from fighting, verbal abuse, or destruction of property. These behaviors will not be tolerated and you will be responsible for any damages.
Verbal/written warning and/or phone call home (minors)

Temporary suspension from camp/activity (e.g. one day or one game)

Dismissal from camp/activity – NO REFUND

At the sole discretion of the Recreation Director or his/her designate, depending of the severity of the incident, any participant maybe suspended or dismissed from a camp/program/activity, at any time, for behavior considered disruptive, dangerous, threatening or otherwise detrimental to the normal operations or activities of the camp or program. No refunds will be provided.